The current WTC Officers’ term will end on 31 December 2020. We are calling for nominations for Chair/Vice Chair/Secretary positions (for term 2021-2022) from all WTC members. Self-nominations are permitted. 

The first announcement for the WTC Nomination & Election was made during the last WTC meeting on 3rd July 2020.

WTC has a well-established Nomination and Election (N&E) procedures as follows:

The WTC N&E Committee include:
Chair:    Wei Zhang, Current WTC Chair  <>
  Shuguang Cui, Past WTC Chair <>
  Tarik Taleb, 2nd Past WTC Chair  <>
  Ross Murch, 3rd WTC Chair <>
  Junshan Zhang, WTC member representative <>

Please email your nomination to  and CC: In the email subject, please use “Nomination for WTC officers 2021-2022”.

The nomination should include the nominee’s name, affiliation, email address and biography. Please state clearly which position (Chair/Vice Chair/Secretary) the nomination is for. There is no need for any support letters.  Nominees must be active members of WTC (see Notes below) and shall indicate willingness to serve if elected. All the submitted nominations will be immediately acknowledged. 

Important Dates

October 24  Nomination open
November 15    Deadline of Nomination
November 20    All valid nominations will be announced
November 20  The list of Voting Members will be announced.
November 23  The ballots will be sent to all Voting Members of WTC via email.
November 24  Voting start
November 30  Voting end
December 1st  Election results available to be approved by ComSoc TEA Council.
December   Approved election results will be announced.

(Source: WTC P&P: ):

1. A member becomes an active member if he/she has attended (physically present or by teleconference) two or more of the prior five regularly scheduled WTC meetings. 

See the WTC meeting attendance record at  

2. Voting member: A WTC voting member shall be an active member of the WTC, or a past WTC officer, or a winner of WTC Recognition Award. In addition to the above, a WTC voting member must be a member of IEEE Communications Society, including ComSoc Student Member or Graduate Student Member.